The End.

“I will not cast you as the villain, then, but rather, that fallen hero from children’s fairy tales. The warrior who succumbs to madness in the face of an endless quest; the prince who fails the princess when doubt consumes him; the child who seeks to avoid their fate and at last, finds themselves its pawn. Once upon a time I trembled in the shadow of your assumed and gossip’d glory. But now, to see you as you really are–unmasked, base and human, and no more divine than an idol set upon the altar– this is my release from tyranny. From the chains I felt bound about my wrists and that were no more than a dry and dusty fear, a ghostly manifestation of my own making.

I know the truth; it has set me free.”


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One thought on “The End.

  1. misspublished says:

    What is this quote from? Its perfect for my life right now.

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